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The Regional workshop on Engineering Fundamentals for Broadcasters was held on 6-10 January 2020 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It facilitated participants to learn about the basics of audio and video fundamentals, digital technologies like MPEG and SDI videos, studio design and transmission systems. It also provided exposure on how the digitisation has allowed the integration of computer and networking technologies within the broadcast workflow. In addition to these, the knowledge gained about current trends and advancements in broadcast technologies would help participants to build confidence in running broadcast operations in their respective workplaces.

This training workshop in the sixth in the series since 2014 with the aim to provide the basic fundamentals of audio and video technologies to young engineer who are starting their careers in broadcast engineering. We are happy to note that the response from our membership has been positive for this workshop with similar numbers from our members joining every year.

This year the workshop was joined by 50 participants from 16 countries representing 19 member organisations.