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ABU Technical Committee Elections

Election of 18 members of the Bureau from Full, Additional Full and Associate Members in the ABU region.

Out of the 18 positions two are offered to the Associate Members in the ABU region.

If any of the Associate Member positions are not filled, it is then available to Full and Additional Full Members.

Out of the Full and Additional Full Member positions, at least four must be from member organisations which fall in the ABU subscription groups A to K.

The first step is to elect two positions from the Associate Members category.



Please type in the box below the name or the abbreviation of the members that you wish to nominate from the list below for the two seats.

Nomination Associate Members

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Ones you have completed the nomination, please fill in your details and press the submit button below

List of eligible Associate Members in the ABU Region

Organisation Abbr Country
Seven Network Operations Ltd, Australia Seven Australia
Commercial Radio Australia Limited CRA Australia
KRISTAL Astro Sdn Bhd KRISTAL-astro Brunei
Walesi Limited Walesi Fiji
Dim Sum Television Co Ltd Dim Sum TV Hong Kong
Phoenix Satellite Television co., Ltd Phoenix TV Hong Kong
CNN HK /Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. CNN Hong Kong
PT. Media Televisis Indonesia Metro TV Indonesia
The Japan Commercial Bcstr Asso( Nat Assn Comm B'ctr) JBA Japan
Korea Business News CO. LTD (WOWTV) KBN Korea
Busan English Broadcasting Foundation BEBF Korea
Korea Force Network Television Station KFTS Korea
K-Force Radio Station Korea KFRS Korea
ASTRO All Asia Networks (formerly MBNS) ASTRO Malaysia
Radio Plus Ltd., Mauritius Radio Plus Mauritius
Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation MBC Mauritius
Federated States of Micronesia B'Casting Serv. FSMBA Micronesia
Supervision Broadcasting Network TV SBN Mongolia
Emerge Media LLC, Mongolia ETV Mongolia
Association of Community Radio Bcast Nepal ACORAB Nepal
Radio Tulsipur Nepal Radio Tulsipur Nepal
Broadcasting Association of Nepal BAN Nepal
Click Pacific Limited Click TV Papua New Guinea
Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas KBP Philippines

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