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The 2020 Technical Webinar Series was held on 7-29 September.  The webinar topics covered different technical areas under the main themes such as Broadcast Engineering Basics, Cloud and AI Technologies & Applications, SDI to IP Implementation, HDR Technology and Applications, and CDN/OTT/IBB Implementation.

To allow attendees from different time zones to join and benefit from the webinars, each session was repeated in the afternoon.

Some session presentations were adapted from earlier Symposiums, Workshops and Webinars providing the opportunity for those who missed these workshops to also benefit from these presentations.

The annual webinar series is organised as an opportunity for broadcast engineers and others to learn from well-known experts on the development and applications of advanced technologies within the broadcast environment.


26 Aug – 23 Sep 2019

The ABU Technology Webinar Series 2019 included presentations on different aspects of broadcast and media technology presented by experts from around the globe. Some of these topics were taken from workshops and seminars organised earlier in the year, allowing participants who were not able to attend these activities to also benefit from the presentations.

The webinar sessions were grouped under five main themes, with a total of 36 sessions presented.

The main themes covered were Digitising of Audio/Visual Archives, Digital Radio Implementation & Case Studies, DTV Migration, ASO Experiences & UHDTV, OTT & IBB Technologies and Services and SDI to IP Migration and Cybersecurity.

2019 Webinar Participants




2018 ABU Technology Webinar Series

The ABU Webinar series in 2018 received over 400 registrations. The event presented 38 sessions in 19 days attracting 1604 participant-sessions representing 189 organisations from 56 countries. Some ABU members prepared training rooms with AV projectors to allow their technical staff to participate in the webinars together.

About ABU Technology Webinars | The ABU Technology Webinars is a series of free online webinars offered to those interested in broadcast technology. The month-long series will include presentations on different aspects and applications of broadcast technology.