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ABUGA 2014: General Assembly adopts the ABU@2020 Declaration of Commitment

At its Golden Anniversary Assembly in Macau, China the ABU members pledged to embrace the digital wave and to continue to serve their audiences.

The ABU@2020 Declaration of Commitment was adopted at the close of the first day of the Union’s 51st General Assembly.

In adopting the Declaration, members recognised the history of the ABU as well as the pivotal role it has played in the growth of the broadcasting industry in the region.  They pledged their commitment to the Union’s future development in working for the benefit of its members as they look forward to 2020 and beyond.

The region’s broadcasters acknowledged their responsibility to inform, educate and entertain their audiences and, through the Declaration of Commitment, pledged to ensure the effective use of broadcasting and ICT in serving the more than 4 billion individuals in the Asia-Pacific region.

More specifically, they committed to work together to ensure broadcast media remains relevant and sustainable and in the pubic interest; to produce the highest quality content for all digital platforms and in all genres; to prioritise a common approach to sports broadcasting, reflect audience diversity in their employment policies, continue to raise professional standards through training and capacity building initiatives and provide creative and innovative solutions to bridging the digital divide.

They also pledged to utilize the advantages of broadcast media to create a new generation of services and work together to stop the misappropriation of broadcast signals and content piracy.

The full Declaration is available at the ABU website.