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RadioAsia 2017 to explore deeper the world of radio

The ABU RadioAsia conference this year will be held from 26-28 April in Bangkok with the collaboration of the Public Relations Department of Thailand. The theme is ‘Creating Radio with Passion: Looking into the World of Radio’.

While new technologies have actually helped radio to develop further and deliver its products over multiple platforms, ABU believes innovation in content is the key to the future of radio. The eight sessions planned during the conference will explore the major aspects of the main theme and how it will add to the efficacy of the radio industry in the years to come.

Topics will be diverse and will touch the radio environment not only in Asia but in Europe as well. Discussions will focus on: How are European Radio Broadcasters Engaging Audiences Industry? Creating the Future, Beyond Radio, Radio Streaming and Podcasting, Radio Initiatives, Implementation of Technology Initiatives in Radio, Radio Summit, Storytelling on Radio and Festivals in Europe and Asia.

Delegates will understand that Radio is here to stay despite competition and that collaborative content is the key to the future. For more details, please follow the link: