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ABU Sports visit TVRI Sports to enhance Sports content

TVRI Sports, the 24-hour sports channel under TVRI Indonesia, has recently engaged in fruitful discussions with ABU Sports.

The meeting took place at TVRI Sports headquarters, where representatives from ABU Sports led by Director of ABU Sports Cai Yan Jiang were welcomed by TVRI Sports colleagues and the TVRI Director of Programme, Pipiet Irianto. 

Irianto shed light on TVRI Sports’ 24-hour operations and its content sourcing strategy, which heavily relied on partnerships with sports marketing agencies. TVRI Sports has been broadcasting LIVE content from ABU Sports such as the Universiades Games, World Fist-Ball Championship, and more. 

Expressing keen interest in expanding their sports content, TVRI Sports aims to strengthen ties with ABU Sports for additional offerings from ABU Sports’ vast catalogue on its exchange ASEN.

ABU Sports recently provided TVRI Sports with free rights content for the 3-day E-Sports event, Snapdragon Mobile Legends, held in Jakarta. The live streaming of the event was seamlessly transmitted via SRT and broadcast on TVRI Sports’ Free-to-Air (FTA) platform, delighting sports fans across the nation.

Director of  ABU Sports explained the potential benefits of collaboration and suggested various content options that could be availed either free or through favourable deals to cater to TVRI Sports’ audience. Irianto expressed his gratitude for ABU Sports’ support and expressed a desire for an in-country workshop/training for TVRI Sports’ staff to further enhance their capabilities.

Ali Usman, TVRI Sports General Manager, also sought valuable insights from Cai regarding TVRI Sports’ upcoming deals with sports agencies. Given the challenges of running a 24-hour channel and the relative inexperience of his team, Ali welcomed ABU Sports’ guidance to secure premium content at reasonable prices.

During the meeting, TVRI Sports disclosed their plans to develop their own sports programs and expressed enthusiasm for potential future cooperation projects with ABU Sports.

This webinar is designed for those who work in the sports production and international sports events planning.

Apart from that, we are also going to discuss “New Trends” featuring some issues on the IP-based production & delivery, supplementary contents services and digital solutions.


Mr. Jeff KIM – KBS Sports

Mr Jeff Kim was born in South Korea, spending most of his career with Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) – KBS Sports since 1995. Starting career as a Producer for live sports coverage, Jeff turned to concentrate on the Coordinating Producer and Rights Acquisition Manager for various sports events.

Major Sports Events Experience: –

  • Director & Coordinator: 4 Summer Olympics / 4 Winter Olympics / 4 Asian Games
  • Director of Host Broadcaster: 2011 Daegu IAAF Championship / 2014 Incheon Asian Games / 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade

Join us on Thursday, February 25th to learn on the sports broadcasting preparation and IBC planning from the scratch.

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