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ABU Participates in 44th WIPO SCCR  

The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (ABU) participated in the 44th Standing Committee of Copyright & Related Rights (SCCR) organized by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The 44th SCCR was scheduled for 6 November 2023-8 November 2023. Suranga Jayalath (ABU Intellectual Property & Legal Committee Chairperson) &  Haruyuki Ichinohashi (ABU Intellectual Property & Legal Committee Vice-Chairperson; NHK Copyright & Contracts Division), Mihoko HIROISHI Head of NHK ‘s Copyright & Contracts Division) represented ABU physically at the 44th WIPO SCCR.

Seemantani Sharma, ABU Legal Manager participated in the meeting remotely.

Ahead of the 44th SCCR, ABU IPLC had also released an official statement and call for action for the timely adoption of the proposed Broadcasters’ Treaty, The statement is available here.