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WIPO SCCR Meetings on Broadcasters Treaty

ABU Resolution For Adoption of Broadcasting Treaty – SCCR 45

  1. Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union is a broadcasting union representing the broadcasters in Asia-Pacific region. ABU greatly supports the work of the SCCR in view of adopting a WIPO Broadcasting Organizations Treaty.
  2. ABU takes this opportunity to thank for the hard work put in by the Chair, Vice-Chairs and Facilitators, for the work done in preparing the Draft Text for the WIPO Broadcasting Organizations Treaty (document SCCR/45/3).
  3. Broadcasting organizations must have the legal tools to act rapidly against the unauthorised use of their signal. Unauthorised acts happen throughout the world, including Asia-Pacific Region, at every moment of every day, and it results in massive damages of copyright piracy and loss of revenue generation. It has been harming broadcasting organisations’ operations, which can eventually cause a risk to the fulfillment of the roles to serve the public.
  4. We are quite ambitious that the DRAFT WIPO BROADCASTING ORGANIZATIONS TREATY prepared by the SCCR Chair in cooperation with the SCCR Vice-Chairs and facilitators covers the principles necessary for the legal protection of programme-carrying signals on a global scale. In this light, ABU takes the draft as a possibility of a long-lasting framework that gives proper protection to broadcasting organisations’ activities.
  5. ABU most humbly requests from WIPO Member States to move forward with the discussions and reach a consensus on key outstanding issues in order to finalize the text of a WIPO Broadcasting Organisations Treaty.
  6. ABU highlighted the pressing requirement of having a necessary international legal tool in the most recent two statements of ABU released in March and November 2023.
  7. As stated in the two aforementioned statements, ABU urges that the WIPO General Assembly convene a Diplomatic Conference to adopt this treaty as soon as possible.
  8. Lastly, ABU wishes the New Chair and Vice Chairs every success in leading this SCCR and assures its full support in this connection.