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ABU and Radio Romania host “Media & Culture Days” in Bucharest, focusing on cultural diversity in public media

The third edition of the Media & Culture Days, an international forum co-organised by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) and Radio Romania, was held in Bucharest on 16-17 November 2023. Coinciding with Radio Romania’s 95th anniversary, this annual event highlighted the vital role of public service media (PSM) in showcasing and promoting culture and heritage.

This year’s conference, under the theme “Diverse and distinctive: How culture powers public service media”, delved into the production of high-value cultural content, emphasising diversity and inclusion. It particularly focused on broadcasting for national, regional, and local communities, underscoring the role of PSM as cultural engines fostering unity around common values, roots, heritage, and diverse identities. This approach aims to address the challenges and opportunities presented by an increasingly globalised future.

A central discussion at the conference explored the symbiotic relationship between PSM content and national culture. This session examined how broadcasters, including online platforms, can support and benefit from a nation’s cultural capital, ensuring sustainability and audience engagement.

The High-Level Roundtable was a key feature, with broadcasting leaders from Asia and Europe, including ABU Secretary-General Ahmed Nadeem and EBU Deputy Director General Jean Philip De Tender. They discussed the complex interplay between media and culture, addressing how media can reflect and shape societal values and beliefs, promote diversity, challenge stereotypes, and address cultural appropriation. The roundtable was moderated by Akim Mogaji.

Special discussions at the event revolved around themes such as Artificial Intelligence and the changing cultural landscape, with a particular focus on regional, local, and hyperlocal perspectives.

The conference, supported by BRD, Smith & Smith Transfer de bani, and the “Carol I” Central University Library, reinforced the crucial role of public service media in shaping and reflecting a nation’s cultural diversity and identity.