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ABU Digista teens: Nurturing a new generation of artists


2nd ABU Digista teens 2012

It is ABU’s new flagship TV Co-Production for young generation. “Challengers” from each country will create digital artworks, and their works will be introduced with a short documentary clips. The 1st ABU Digista teens was held with 8 participating members* on 26 December 2011, connecting 3 studios in Tokyo, Istanbul and Bangkok.

(* RTB – Brunei, EBS – S.  Korea, IRIB – Iran, NBT – Thailand, NHK – Japan, RTM – Malaysia, TRT – Turkey and VTV – Vietnam)

How to participate?
1. Complete and submit your Registration Form
2. Organise a Workshop in your country to select your representative(s). Film creation process as a short documentary
3. Participate in the final event in satellite studios
4. Broadcast programme on TV in your country


31 May
Deadline for submission of participation
June – September
Participating organisations in each country will organise a “Workshop for Digital Arts” to select their representatives
Final event: Host organisation and satellite studios will be connected
December Broadcast programme on TV

Documents download
1. Guidelines
2. How to produce images
3. Registration form

Please see attached documents or if you have any enquiries, please contact

ABU Digista teens Secretariat (Tokyo):
Ms Akiko Numakami (


ABU Programming Department (Kuala Lumpur):
Mr Takeshi Doki ( / Mrs Hanizah Hamzah (

ABU Digista teens is an exciting new project which will see talented young artists from the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, crafting  digital images while being mentored by top professional artists. There will be movie production workshops held around Asia to nurture aspiring artists and enable them to create digital images together. The ABU Digista teens’ objective is to encourage young people to master digital media while expressing themselves artistically.

Their involvement in this project also enables them to expose their digital artwork online to the world as well as meet other artistically inclined youths from Asian communities through the International Image Festival. This year, the ABU Digital teens project will culminate in the International Image Festival which will be held on November 20. The event will be hosted by public broadcaster NHK-Japan. Broadcasters TRT-Turkey and NBT-Thailand will serve as satellite studios. At present, nine organisations from nine countries have confirmed their participation.

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