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Thank You to our Asiavision Members

From Fiji and Samoa, to Turkey and Iran, throughout Asia and South Asia to Central Asia, Asiavision and ABU Members have joined us online again and again for training, workshops and forums.

We’ve explored so many aspects of media skills from leading newsrooms during the COVID-19 pandemic to script writing, attracting younger audiences, live presentation, trauma and resilience, fact-checking, putting on camera-ready makeup and many more.

You’ve been with us all the way, registering in your many, many hundreds. THANK YOU. Our best wishes for 2022 🙂

Pacific Media Partnership Conference 2021

Politics and the COVID-19 crisis continue to expose the challenges media in the Pacific faces in 2021. Maintaining integrity and ethical reporting through the chaos of the pandemic and politics is the title of the Asiavision News Panel at the ABU’s Pacific Media Partnership Conference.

Moderator: Dinnierose Raiko, Presenter/producer, EMTV Papua New Guinea

Panel: Scott Waide, Lae Bureau Chief, EMTV Papua New Guinea

Alexander Rheeney, Editor (Development), Samoa Observer newspaper

Moera Tuilaepa Taylor, Pacific Manager, Radio New Zealand

Evan Wasuka, Senior reporter, ABC Australia

Leah Lowonbu, Reporter, VBTC, Vanuatu

New Normal poses new dilemmas for Newsrooms

In the first of the ‘CEO Dialogues’ at Asiavision’s June Editors-in-Chief Meeting, ABU Vice President and CEO of Prasar Bharati, Shashi Shekhar Vempati, discusses the measures DDI has taken to develop its news coverage during the immense challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Global News Forum 2020 – Podcast


Pacific Media Forum, Confronting COVID-19 Challenges – August 3, 2020

9-21 March 2018, Kathmandu, Nepal

The 2018 Asiavision (AVN) Coordinators Meeting was held in Kathmandu, Nepal from the 19-21 March. It was hosted by Nepal Television (NTV).The meeting was opened by Mr. Mahesh Raj Dahal, the Executive Chairman of Nepal Television.

The annual meeting is a platform for the news coordinators to review and to look for ways on taking AVN forward.

Asiavision Mobile Journalism Workshop Korea (September 2017)

Asiavision has completed yet another fruitful workshop on Mobile Journalism. This is the 5th Workshop so far.The workshop took place in Hotel PJ, in the heart of Seoul, Korea, from 25th -30th September 2017. The main trainer for the workshop was Mr Choi Ki Hong.

A total of 24 participants from 22 AVN members took part in the workshop.

Participants were divided into 3 groups- they visited different tourist spots around Seoul to shoot for sources including interviews. The participants took part in medical tests to experience the power of Korean medical industry and produced news reports on it as well. Others paid a visit to popular tourist attractions such as Myung-dong and DDP, where they were able to interview foreign tourists on the spot to be included in their report.

This provided a hands-on Mojo production experience where they took part in the shooting, editing and producing their very own news reports.

2017 ABU News Group Meeting

The 2017 ABU News Group meeting was held in Singapore, bringing together top decision makers from 30 out of the 34 members of Asiavision (AVN).The one-day meeting was hosted by mediacorp of Singapore.AVN is the daily TV news exchange program which is now conducted solely via the online platform.

This annual gathering reviewed the activities and operations of AVN as well as discussed views and actions to take AVN forward.A total of 75 delegates attended the meeting.

Asiavision Mobile Journalism Workshop Korea (May 2017)

Asiavision has successfully conducted its 4th capacity building workshop. The topic was Mobile Journalism- How to create news reports with a smartphone. Held in KBS Human Resources Development Centre in Suwon, Korea, KBS has graciously provided with the accommodation and venue for this occasion.

 A total of 24 participants from 23 AVN members took part in the workshop, making it the biggest training activity ever conducted by AVN so far.Each participant created their own 90-seconds story with sources they gathered throughout the week. The full 5-days workshop took place from 15th -20th May 2017.

The stories were based on common topics- Hallyu (Korean wave) and Mojo. Their hard work was celebrated on the last day with a presentation.

2017 AVN Coordinators Meeting 
This was held in Male, Maldives – hosted by Public Service Media (PSM). 33 delegates from 32 countries attended the 3 days long meeting including representative from European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Arab State Broadcasting Union (ASBU).

+ - 2017 AVN Coordinators Meeting – Male, Maldives

The meeting was officiated with opening remark by Deputy Managing Director of PSM, Ms. Aminath Shayan Shaheed.Ms. Aminath Shayan warmly welcomed all the delegates to Maldives. The first session opened with AVN Activity Report. The Director of AVN News, Mr. Chae il thanked PSM for hosting the meeting for 2017 and the members for their participation. Mr. Chae also presented information on the current affairs as well as future plans of expanding training and increasing the number of news items exchanged.

The Project Officer, Ms Joanne shared the statistics on news exchange for the past 6 months. This was followed by Ms Nisha, the AVN News Coordinator on content management and issues relating with daily AVN operation.The meeting proceeded with a presentation by Mr. Kim Juong Ho from KBS Media. Mr. Kim introduced the prototype of the new AVN platform.Next, Fiji TV (Fiji) introduced themselves as the newest member, followed by MRTV (Myanmar) as potential member. After the lunch break was the partner’s session which included presentations by sister unions EBU and ASBU.During the Member’s sharing session, PSM Maldives, CCTV China, TVB Hong Kong, EMTV Papua New Guinea, RTB Brunei and RTM Malaysia gave presentations on how each member utilize AVN News exchange content. After the members sharing session, meeting was opened for questions and answering session. A lot of questions and suggestions were given by the participants. A fruitful discussion took place involving everyone to see in detail on how to improve AVN overall.

Second day of the meeting was dedicated for a workshop led by Mr.Ahmed Afruh Rasheed. The workshop highlighted on several aspects such as using social media analytics to understand audience analysis, modern script writing techniques, sharing knowledge on how different members use content from AVN.

The 1-day workshop involved fruitful discussions among the members and created a better understanding of each other. The 3rd day was dedicated for an excursion organized by PSM, which provided an excellent opportunity to promote team building and getting to know each other better.

2016 AVN Coordinators Meeting

The 2016 AVN Coordinators Meeting was held in Westin Resort -Langkawi, Malaysia from the 29 to 30th September. The 2-day long meeting was attended by 32 delegates from 30 AVN members. Outside the membership, EBU and ASBU also participated.

+ - 2016 AVN Coordinators Meeting – Langkawi, Malaysia

Starting off with AVN Activity Report- some of the main events during the past year were highlighted. Mr Chae Il presented information on the current affairs as well as future plans of expanding training and increasing the number of news items exchanged. The Project Officer, Ms Joanne shared the statistic on news exchange for the past one year. This was followed by Ms Nisha, the News Coordinator on content management and issues relating with daily AVN operation. Overall, the meeting  was told that some progress have been made in improving the AVN operations in terms of increasing the number of members, creating  integrated communication tool among coordinators, quality and increasing the number of news items exchanged. The meeting proceeded with Technical Session –a presentation by Mr. Sean Park from Brightcove. Mr. Sean Park shared some information on Brightcove and the improvement taken to enhance the platform.
Next came the Partners Session –ABU’s sister Union –EBU (Europe Broadcasting Union) and Arab State Broadcasting Union (ASBU). Representing EBU was Mr. Ray Colgan, and Mr Hafid Zinneddine for ASBU. The meeting saw how EBU and ASBU work together with ABU to exchange news daily.
After lunch break, meeting proceeded with a short introduction by TVRI-Indonesia, sharing their interest in joining AVN. Then continuing onto AVN member’s sharing session, which saw presentations from ABC Australia, MCOT Thailand, NHK Japan, NTV Nepal and TDM Macau. Members shared how they are currently utilizing AVN news, and their future plans regarding AVN activities.

Following that, a suggestion was put forward by Ms Joanne Kim on Members Communication Platform with attempt to increase effective communication between members.

The session did open question and answering session and received a good respond from the floor. Wrapping up the meeting, the Chairperson Mr. Joao Pinto thanked all the delegates for their participants and hope it would be a fruitful meeting to everyone in order to improve the cooperation in all levels with Asiavision

2nd day of the meeting highlighted on the team-building excursion which has created a good relations and a better understanding among the coordinator and Asiavision.

2nd & 3rd AVN Non-Linear Editing (NLE) Workshop in Vietnam 
Asiavision’s 2nd and 3rd NLE workshops were successfully conducted in Vietnam recent July 2016.  The workshops were organized in cooperation with Vietnam TV, whom after the first workshop in Kuala Lumpur requested to hold the same workshop in Vietnam.

+ - Asiavision Non-Linear Editing Workshop Vietnam (July 2016)

Asiavision aims to increase the quantity and quality of news exchange by providing adequate capacity building training.The participants were required to produce a music video at the end of the workshop as part of assessment. The music video production allows full adaptation of skills that are required while editing a news report, hence providing a good opportunity for the participants to experience a hands-on training.

The main trainer for both workshops was Mr Choi Ki Hong, the former trainer for the first NLE workshop back in February.The 2nd NLE workshop in Ho Chi Minh City (4th-8th July), taken place at VTV9 was dedicated to local VTV news staffs. This in-country training saw 20 participants, ranging from reporters to engineers and graphic designers. Some participants flew from other cities in Vietnam such as Da Nang, Phu Yen and Can Tho to attend this workshop.
The 3rd NLE workshop was held in the VTV Headquarter, Hanoi (11th-16th July).  It was attended by 18 participants from 16 member countries. Most of the participants were new to digital editing, with no prior editing experience. Professor Yoon Chun Suk attended the Hanoi workshop as an assistant trainer.

The list of members that have participated are as follows:

Country Organisation
Brunei RTB
Bangladesh BTV
Fiji FBC
Hong Kong TVB
India DDI
Macau TDM
Malaysia RTM
Maldives PSM
Myanmar MRTV
Nepal NTV
Philippines ABS-CBN
Sri Lanka SLRC
Thailand MCOT
Uzbekistan MTRK
Vietnam VTV

Professor Yoon is a former SBS Korea reporter, currently working as a Professor in Ajou University, Korea. Besides assisting Mr Choi, he also gave two lectures on his views on the importance of editing, providing useful insights from his own personal experience.Both workshops ended successfully with the presentation of final music videos produced by the participants.

The result of the feedback survey shows that members are highly satisfied with the program, and are willing to recommend this workshop to those who have not yet attended.  Asiavision is planning to continue providing in-country NLE workshops in response to members’ requests.

2016 News Group Meeting – Sydney, Australia
The 2016 ABU News Group Meeting was held in Sydney, Australia from the 1st to 3rd June. The 3-day long meeting was attended by 54 delegates from 27 AVN members. Outside the membership, ARD Germany and ASBU also participated.

+ - 2016 News Group Meeting - Sydney, Australia

Seven observers attended from Reuters, AP and AFP. This year’s meeting saw the biggest number of participants in the ABU News Group Meeting history.

The first day saw various presentations contributed by the Secretariat, our members as well as our partners.

Overall, AVN has shown progress in terms of increase in the number of members, better quality and quantity of news items exchanged, as well as more training activities. AVN has launched its first capacity building workshop in February 2016, which will be offered as requested by the members.

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to a seminar on the operations of the hosts ABC, including a tour of its newsroom, studios and facilities. Some of the topics included Disaster and Emergency coverage, ABC Editorial Policies, and ABC News Showcase.

The third and final day of the meeting was a visit to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) which runs one of the top journalism schools in Australia.

Presentations were made on the future directions in journalism and media studies education. The visit concluded with a tour around the UTS studios, media labs and the student led Radio station- 2SER.

+ - Asiavision Non-Linear Editing Workshop Kuala Lumpur (February 2016)

The first capacity building workshop hosted by Asiavision took place on 15th-19th February 2016 at the IPPTAR multimedia room.

The workshop was attended by 20 participants from 17 different countries. The participants’ roles varied from Assistant Head of News to News producers and reporters.  

The list of member organisations that participated are as follows:

Country Organisation
Brunei RTB
Bangladesh BTV
Fiji FBC
Hong Kong TVB
India DDI
Japan NHK
Malaysia RTM
Maldives PSM
Nepal NTV
Philippines ABS-CBN
Sri Lanka SLRC
Thailand MCOT
Turkey TRT
Turkmenistan TVTM
Uzbekistan MTRK
Vietnam VTV

The members of the training team were Mr. Choi Ki Hong, the head trainer who formerly belonged to Korean Broadcast System (KBS); Assistant Trainer Mr. Yoon Hee Jin, cameraman at KBS and Ms. Joanne Kim, AVN Project Officer as the translator.

Participants were required to produce and perform a video presentation that included the effects and transitions as taught by the trainer during the five day course. The contents and the lengths of the video were left to be decided by the individuals. The outcome of the presentation was impressive, with many of the participants being able to apply the skills attained during the workshop to their work.

The general feedback on the workshop was positive, with room to improve on workshop facilities and efficiency of content delivery. According to the feedback survey, the overall satisfaction score averaged 9.3 out of 10.

Asiavision is planning its 2nd NLE workshop, hosted by one of our members in July 2016. Our attempt to improve the Asiavision news quality will be continuous. Any suggestions or requests are welcome by our members.

2015 AVN Coordinators Meeting

Phuket, Thailand