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ABU News provides:

  • International news coverage via the Asiavision video news exchange
  • Face-to-face training & training videos
  • Support and advisory services
  • Monthly and annual awards
  • Information exchange and networking at:
    • The Asiavision co-ordinators’ production meeting
    • The ABU News Group Meeting
    • The Global News Forum


Asiavision is the ABU’s video news exchange. It includes breaking and headline news, issues-based content and human interest and cultural stories. ABU members who subscribe to Asiavision pay an additional fee for access to more than 16,000 stories a year. As of May 2024, there are 31 Asiavision members. They are:


ABU News provides face to face and online training. It also produces training videos that are available on the ABU YouTube channel. The videos feature:

  • Messages in plain English, for people who don’t want to read a 70 page report or training manual.
  • Engaging and relatable content, that appeals to everyone from a junior researcher to an experienced reporter – using the medium they use – video.
  • Content that is readily accessible and sharable.


Each year, ABU News hosts face-to-face meetings of Asiavision producers/co-ordinators, the ABU News Group meeting and the Global News Forum. Generally, the Asiavision producer meetings are held in Malaysia. The News Group meeting and the Global News Forum are held as a three-day event, hosted by members. The 2024 Global News Forum will be held in Bangkok. Recent themes have included:

2023: AI, Leading Change and Inspiring a Greener Future – Kuching, Malaysia

2022: Truth and Trust at times of Crisis – Delhi, India