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Asiavision Awards

The Asiavision Annual Awards recognise excellence in broadcast journalism and honour the special skills and unique talents of Asiavision Member broadcasters and the journalists and crew who create and produce items for the News Exchange.

The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union’s news exchange recognises member contributions at several occasions throughout the year including monthly recognitions, Annual Awards at the annual News Group Meeting, and the Denise Anthony Memorial Award at the ABU General Assembly.

Three types of award are given each year to recognise the contributions of Asiavision members to the news exchange.


Asiavision Monthly Award

This is presented for the best news story of the month. The winner is chosen by the AVN editorial staff. Members are encouraged to give their input. The winner/s receives a certificate with citation and the announcement is made in the monthly report sent to members at the end of each month.


Asiavision Annual Awards

Until 2013* these awards were presented to three members each year for important contributions to the news exchange. Each award carried a cash prize of US$700. One goes to the AVN member who offers the most news flashes during the year. The other two winners are selected by ABU members in a ballot at the annual News Group meeting. They can be for any important contribution to Asiavision; winners are usually chosen for the overall quality of their contributions to the news exchange during the year.

The Annual Awards were reinstated in 2019 at the News Group Meeting in Istanbul. With a dramatic overhaul, the Annual Awards (that included a trophy and certificate) were presented in three categories;

  • Best Breaking News
  • Best Visuals
  • Best News Story

Following the overwhelming response for the 2019 Annual Awards, the AVN secretariat decided to increase the categories for the Annual Awards staring 2020. They are;

  • Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News
  • Outstanding Coverage of a News Event
  • Outstanding International Coverage
  • Outstanding Visuals for a News Story
  • Outstanding Reporting for a News Story
  • Outstanding Reporting on Climate Change and Adaptation
  • Outstanding Sports Reporting (introduced in 2022)
  • Outstanding Reporting from a Small Newsroom (initially for the Pacific newsrooms only, renamed in 2022)


Dennis Anthony Memorial Award (discontinued)

Discontinued since 2013*, this award was presented annually for the best Asiavision news story of the year. It was sponsored by CNN, which donated a trophy (there was no cash prize). CNN itself decides the winner from among the winners of the AVN monthly awards. The ABU Secretariat decided the winners of the monthly awards and sent the citations to CNN, to select the annual winner. The winner was announced each year at the ABU General Assembly.

The award is named after the ABU’s former Senior Officer, News, Dennis Anthony. A Malaysian and a career journalist, Dennis died of cancer in 1996 at the age of 45.

At its meeting in Ulaanbaatar in June 2008, the ABU News Group asked that the judging panel be widened to include three organisations rather than just CNN. CNN agreed to this, as long as it chaired of the judging panel. Asiavision’s recommendations for the judging panel were ASBU and the EBU.