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Programme Committees

+ - Programme Committee

Programme Committee

What is Programme Committee?

The Programme Committee is a committee for all members engaged in TV, Radio and New Media activities. We meet once a year during the ABU General Assembly. All the annual programming activities are reported by the Programme Department staff and the Host / EP of the projects. Members also actively join the meeting by showcasing their programmes or reporting their activities. The elected chairperson and vice chairperson serve their term of office for a period of two years.

Who leads the Programme Committee?

Ms Claire M. Gorman (ABC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia)

Vice Chairperson
Mr Yotaro Yashiki (NHK, Nippon Hoso Kyokai, Japan)
Mr Ahmet Furkan Gündogan (TRT, Turkish Radio Television Corporation, Turkey)

+ - Programme Bureau

What is Programme Bureau?

Programme Bureau is an advisory body for the Programme Committee. Programme Bureau members meet twice a year, discussing and making suggestions to the existing and future Programming activities so that the ABU members can get maximum benefit from the activities. The outcome of the discussion at Programme Bureau is reported by the Chairperson during the annual Programme Committee meeting.

Who are the members of Programme Bureau?

1. All India Radio (AIR),India
2. Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC),Australia
3. Bangladesh Television (BTV), Bangladesh
4. China Central Television (CCTV),China
5. Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Iran
6. Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK),Japan
7. Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), Korea
8. Mongolian National Public Radio and Television (MNB),Mongolia
9. Radiotelevisione Italiana S.P.A (RAI), Italy
10. Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI), Indonesia
11. Radio Television Malaysia (RTM),Malaysia
12. Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation (ROR), Romania
13. Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS), Thailand
14. Turkish Radio Television Corporation (TRT),Turkey
15. Vietnam Television (VTV), Vietnam

Terms of Office: October 2023 to October 2025

+ - Radio Working Party

What is Radio Working Party?

The ABU Radio Working Party (RWP) is an active committee of ABU Radio Members, formed to explore and recommend Radio activities in the Programme Committee; promote and protect the interests of ABU Radio members; coordinate Radio activities and provide suitable guidance to individual Radio members when needed.

Who are the members of Radio Working Party?

The RWP is an open committee that welcomes all Radio Members from the following categories: Full Members, Additional Full Members, Associate Members and Affiliate Members. Each eligible ABU member may send representatives to RWP meetings.

How does Radio Working Party function?

The RWP meets once per year, during the ABU General Assembly. In order to monitor activities and track progress, the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Director of ABU Programming Department and Head of Radio also meet midyear, during the Radio Asia Conference.

Who leads the Radio Working Party?

The Chairperson and Vice Chairpersons of the ABU Radio Working Party are elected from within the RWP for a two-year term, during the regular annual meeting held in conjunction with the ABU General Assembly.

Mr Mistam (RRI, Radio Republik Indonesia, Indonesia)

Vice Chairperson
Ms Fan Xuan (CMG, China Media Group, China)

Mr Hamit Yaz (TRT, Turkish Radio Television Corporation, Türkiye)

+ - ABU Digital Media Working Group

What is ABU Digital Media Working Group?

The ABU New Media Task Group, which was formed in 2016, was re-branded as the ABU Digital Media Working Group (DMWG) on 22 June 2021. The rebranding comes as part of the efforts to further expand the roles and responsibilities of the for Task Group to better serve ABU members navigate the shifts in the global digital media landscape.

The DMWG meets twice a year: one meeting taking place online and the other taking place under the frame of #ABUdigital forum.

What is the Objective of Digital Media Working Group?

The ABU Digital Media Working Group (DMWG) will continue the mandates of its predecessor (the New Media Task Group) to explore strategies and opportunities to guide members create new digital contents and increase their reach to audiences, identify needs and propose new collaborative projects and discuss trends and current challenges that are shaping the media landscape in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

Who are the Members of Digital Media Working Group?

Membership in the Digital Media Working Group (DMWG) is open to all ABU members. The current members of DMWG are:

  1. ABC-Australia
  2. RTRPC-China
  3. FBC-Fiji
  4. RRI-Indonesia
  5. RAI-Italy
  6. NHK-Japan
  7. TDM-Macau, China
  8. Rev Media Group-Malaysia
  9. Happy Campers Productions-Malaysia
  10. MBC-Mauritius
  11. MRTV-Myanmar
  12. VUTV-Pakistan
  13. ABS-CBN-Philippines
  14. Bang Productions-Singapore
  15. MBC/MTV-Sri Lanka
  16. Thai PBS-Thailand
  17. TRT-Turkey
  18. VOV-Vietnam

Who leads the Digital Media Working Group?

The Chairperson and Vice Chairpersons of the ABU Digital Media Working Group (DMWG) are elected from within the Group for a two-year term during its annual in-person meeting held in conjunction with #ABUdigital.

Mr Riyaad Minty (TRT, Turkish Radio Television Corporation, Türkiye)