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Programme Activities Calendar


13 Feb World Radio Day & Launch of Asia-Pacific Relay New Delhi, India
27-29 Feb ABU Prizes In-Country Workshop (TVRI) Jakarta, Indonesia
11 Mar ABU Prizes Reform Working Party Meeting 2024 Zoom Meeting
15 Mar ABU Prizes 2024 Call for Entry By correspondence
18 Mar ABU Prizes Webinar (RRI) Zoom Webinar
21 Mar Webinar: Introduction to ABU Prizes 2024 Zoom Webinar
8 April ABU TVSF2024 Call for Participation By correspondence
17 April Webinar: Introduction to Podcast Category Zoom Webinar
23 April Webinar with VOV: Digital Media Category Zoom Webinar
24 April ABU Digital Media Working Group Meeting Zoom Webinar
23-25 Apr 20th Series Children TV Drama Co-Production 1st Producers’ Meeting(Presentation of story ideas) Bangkok, Thailand
29-30 Apr Pacific Media Partnership Conference 2024 Brisbane, Australia
7 May Webinar with VOV: Radio Documentary category Zoom Webinar
11-12 June ABU-RAI Days 2024 Naples, Italy
30 June Entry Deadline of ABU Prizes 2024 By correspondence
2-4 July ABU CON-FESTIVAL 2024 Kuala Lumpur
4 July ABU Programme Bureau (PB) meeting 2024 Kuala Lumpur
Aug 2nd Producers’ Meeting Children’s Drama Meeting 20th Series Zoom Meeting
27 Aug ABU Robocon 2024 (Robot Contest) Quảng Ninh, Vietnam
15th July – 15th Aug ABU Prizes 2024 Pre-selection By correspondence
10-12 Sep ABU Prizes 2024 Final Judging Kuala Lumpur
Oct ABU Programme Bureau (PB) 2024 Zoom Meeting
Oct ABU Radio Working Party (RWP) Meeting 2024 Istanbul, Türkiye
Oct ABU Programme Committee (PC) Meeting 2024 Istanbul, Türkiye
Oct 13th ABU TV Song Festival 2024 Istanbul, Türkiye
Oct ABU Prizes 2024 Award Ceremony Istanbul, Türkiye
Oct 61st ABU General Assembly Istanbul, Türkiye
Nov ABUDOC/Walk the Doc Malaysia
Dec CARE/GZDOC Guangzhou, China
Dec ABU Media & Culture Days TBC