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Programme Activities Calendar

*means tentative

13 Feb World Radio Day
22 Feb ABU Prizes Reform Working Party 2022 Zoom Meeting
24 Feb Japan’s challenge with BPO to strengthen trust Zoom Webinar
Mar TVSF 2022 Call for Participation By correspondence
28-30 Mar ABU Digital Media Workshop (6th Edition) Zoom Webinar
28-29 Mar ABU Children Media Hub Workshop Kuala Lumpur
29-31 Mar Children TV Drama Co-production 1st Producers’ Meeting Zoom Meeting
30 Mar ABU Prizes 2022 Call for Entry Starts By correspondence
5 Apr ABU Prizes Webinar 2022 – From the Jury’s perspective Zoom Webinar
12 Apr ABU Prizes Webinar 2022 – From the Jury’s perspective Zoom Webinar
14 Apr ABU Prizes 2022: Webinar on Digital Media Category Zoom Webinar
20 Apr Online In-country Workshop for TV News Reporting Zoom Webinar
21 Apr ABU Prizes Webinar for VOV Colleagues(CSA and On-Air Personality Category) Zoom Webinar
5 May Online In-country Workshop for Radio Documentary Zoom Webinar
17-18 May TV-CON 2022 TBC
15-16 June #ABUdigital2022 Zoom Webinar
30 June Entry Deadline of ABU Prizes 2021 By correspondence
June 6th ABU New Media Task Group Meeting Zoom Webinar
4-5 July ABU-RAI Days 2022 Milan,Italy
late July Langkawi Walk the Doc TBC
 30 July – 30 Aug ABU Prizes 2022 Pre-selection By correspondence
14-16 Sep Children TV Drama Co-production 2nd Producers’ Meeting TBC
26 – 30 Sep ABU Prizes 2022 Final Judging TBC
6-7 Dec ABU Media Lab Days Zoom Webinar
TBC TBC ABU Radio Working Party (RWP) Meeting 2022 TBC
TBC TBC ABU Programme Committee (PC) Meeting 2022 Zoom Webinar
TBC TBC ABU Prizes 2022 Award Ceremony TBC
TBC TBC 11th ABU TV Song Festival 2022 TBC
TBC TBC 59th ABU General Assembly TBC
Weekly ABU Music Exchange By correspondence