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On this page you will find resources of interest to our Journalism courses. These resources support the work of the ABU in this area and are also useful for research and assignments in a range of other academy training courses.

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  • Do not adjust your phone, the world's first vertical video comedy series is here: Content. Created by Brisbane's Ludo Studio, Content uses smartphones to tell a story about a friendship caught in the grips of internet narcissism. In a sense, the show is told from the point of view of a smartphone. The series is so authentic in its depiction of phone usage that a 30-second clip from the first […]
  • On March 15, Australian movie director Luke Eve was set to marry Spanish actor María Albinana in Spain. But the couple were forced to call off their wedding after the rapid spread of COVID-19 sent Spain into a strict lockdown in which people were only allowed to leave their homes for food and medicine. The couple ended up stuck in their apartment with Eve's mother Karen, whose two-week trip from […]
  • Examine the lighting, framing, quality of filming and editing in this film compiled from remote camera recordings. The Smalls supported our ongoing partnership with Bloomberg in the creation of Art+Technology by pivoting our shooting approach to interviewing artists remotely. With an existing format to uphold, our Creative Director ensured consistency of quality by guiding talent through location design, filming set up, framing, lighting and sound, all via remote filming kits […]
  • Article about 'Retrograde,' a new tv show format for the Covid Pandemic using zoom meetings screen layout. Tags: Cinematography program ideas
  •   Film Art: An Introduction by David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson    [ DIGITAL FILMMAKING [ DIGITAL FILMMAKING ] BY FIGGIS, MIKE ( AUTHOR )APR-17-2007 PAPERBACK ] BY Figgis, Mike ( Author ) Apr – 2007 [ Paperback ] by Mike Figgis  | 17 Apr 2007     Tags: cinematography
  • The actors and creators of Killing Eve talk about the characterisation and plot of Killing Eve Tags: cinematography
  • Examples of cinematography techniques with commentary by experts. Tags: cinematography courses
  • Cinematography course Tags: courses
  • Look at framing of shots, moving camera technique and the change of editing style as tension builds. Written, directed, produced and starring Nardeep Khurmi, Paag won Best Drama at the 2018 LA Shorts Fest. It is a subtle short film and a bit of a slow-burner (which often happens when one person has so much control – no-one is there to tell him to speed things up), but it is […]
  • Advertising campaign for Lebara Mobile, using remote shots and zoom call presentation style. The square aspect ratio is designed for mobile video consumption in a social media feed. The Smalls worked in partnership with Lebara and British Swimming for their #StayConnected campaign, to showcase how the GB Swim Team were staying virtually connected throughout the lockdown. With each swimmer filming content on their own (for the first time), our Creative […]
  • Covid advertising video production – examine the techniques and the commercial benefits of connecting with people who are collectively experiencing the same thing. The Smalls partnered with Wunderman Thompson and HSBC to create a video highlighting people gracefully adapting to the 'new normal'. The film consists of clips from our global community, with an emphasis on the APAC market, where HSBC has a strong presence. Our community responded with 300+ […]
  • A creatively blocked artist discovers her most recent painting has a darker nature the she expected. Examine then use of framing, lighting, music and editing to create suspense and horror reactions. Tags: cinematography
  • An old man takes a ride on empty train. But where is he going and why?" Examine the framing of shots and the style of cut editing used. Tags: cinematography
  • Examine the visuals, script and voiceover, look at the framing of shots and the pace of the editing as the film progresses. Tags: cinematography
  • A military amputee acts in a training simulation. Examine location, shots, sound effects, music and lighting as an example of achieving suspense, tension and trauma Tags: cinematography
  • Pandemic video consumption trends Tags: audience research cinematography childrens_media
  • Cinematography, film making Tags: courses
  • courses, cinematography Tags: courses
  • Cinematography, locations Tags: cinematography documentary locations
  • New program idea ABC TV Retrograde Tags: Cinematography program ideas techniques

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