Upcoming Academy Courses and Events

ABU Academy courses are open to ABU Members for free or discounted prices, with some being made available to non members at full fee rates.

Throughout 2022, the ABU Academy continues to run a variety of courses across a range of topics. We have a number of new courses coupled with ones that we successfully ran in 2021 and 2020. If there are any additional courses that you would like us to run, please let us know.

For more information, or to express interest in a current or future course, please email

Current 2022 Courses


Sport CoverageReporting & Live Coverage

Register for the last of 3 Sport sessions on 4 July

Sound Design & Audio Mixing

Register here for Sound sessions on 13, 20 & 27 July

AFTRS Expert Series continues
Session 7: Feature Film

Register for the Feature Film session


Visual FX

AFTRS Expert Series continues
Session 8: Technology – Metadata
Session 9: Design
Session 10: Cinematography

New dates for AFTRS to be scheduled soon


Intellectual Property Franchise Management for Film and TV Productions Sessions 1 & 2

On Camera Presenting

Radio Presentation Skills
Television Presentation Skills
Train the Trainer and Course Design for BBSCL, Bhutan & PSM, Maldives
Japan’s Challenge with BPO to Strengthen Trust

Positive Peace Journalism UNESCO T4P
Sales Training for Media Organisations
Taming Misinformation
Master Class on Leadership & Management Insights for Post COVID Transformation

Academy Forum
Empowering Investigative Journalism
Collaboration or Competition? How are Broadcasters working with OTT Video Services – The Digital Giants
Introduction to TV Production Styles

HEC Authentic Leadership Program

AFTRS 10 x Expert Series
Session 1: Trends – Five Things Shaping the Future of the Screen Industry
Session 2: Adaptation Part 1

Instagram Strategies
AFTRS Expert Series
Session 3: Adaptation Part 2
Session 4: Script coverage
Session 5: Pitching Part 1
Session 6: Pitching Part 2

Previous Courses


Creative and Inexpensive COVID Programming Ideas
Preparation for Live Outside Broadcasting
The Entrepreneurs Handbook – Asia Pacific Screen Media Market
TV Presentation Skills
Radio Presentation Skills
TV News Reporting
Image in the 21st Century – Virtual Production Tools
Video Editing
Creative and Inexpensive COVID Programming Ideas
Authentic Leadership program
11th ABU Pacific Media Partnership Conference (Event)
Women Behind the Camera
Why Virtual Production is Revolutionising Education and Training
Building Demand for On Demand Services: SBS Australia Case Study 
Metrics-based Corporate Innovation Management
Six Fundamentals of Screen Adaptation
Sales Training for Media Organisations
Instagram Strategies
IP Infrastructure & Applications in Broadcasting
Turning Interviews into Award-Winning Podcasts
Journalistic Coverage of the COVID Vaccine
Digital Sales Training
Human Resources Management
Running Virtual Events
Investigative Journalism Within the Legal Framework
Interview Techniques for VBTC, Vanuatu
Children’s TV Drama Pitching
In-house Research that Drives Audience Engagement
Train the Trainer and Course Design


Knowledge, Skills, Tricks. Insights for Great TV Production
Verification Tools to Counter Fake Content

For more information, or to express interest in a current or future course, please email We also welcome suggestions for other course subjects.