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26 February 2021 | G&D wins innovation award

G&D CEOs Roland Ollek and Nils Strauch are excited about the TOP 100 Award.

KVM manufacturer Guntermann & Drunck GmbH (G&D) has received a TOP 100 award 2021.

The German company compamedia gives the awards each year to particularly innovative medium-sized companies.

More than 120 criteria from five categories were used to evaluate the submissions: innovation-friendly top management, innovative climate, innovative processes and organisation, external orientation/open innovation, and innovation success.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, this time the study also examined how flexibly companies are responding to the coronavoris crisis and how fast they are adapting their strategies to the new situation.

“The Top 100 Award is the most important award for innovative companies in the SME sector, and we are delighted that it recognises the creativity and problem-solving skills of our entire team,” the G&D Managing Director, Rolland Ollek, said.

The company develops and produces KVM products for extending and switching computer signals, and operates on a global scale.

KVM systems from G&D are installed in numerous control rooms around the globe, including in air traffic control centres and airports, on ships, in TV & film production studios, in the chemical and petrochemical industry and in the energy sector.

Compamedia has been presenting the TOP 100 awards to innovative medium-sized companies since 1993.


25 February 2021 | DRM digital radio transmission test launched in India

A Digital Radio Mondiale radio transmission went live on air in Delhi in mid-February as part of a DRM trial conducted by Prasar Bharati and its radio arm, All India Radio (AIR).

The transmission was launched with three audio services and Journaline advanced text information in the FM band, alongside the existing analogue FM radio transmissions.

The test was requested by the regulator TRAI and the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting as part of their deliberations that will lead to the recommendation of the most suitable radio standard to digitise the FM band in India.

The transmission is part of an extensive trial and demonstration of DRM conducted by Prasar Bharati and AIR with the help of the DRM Consortium and its local and international members.

The trial is being carried out in two locations. The first phase, in Delhi, will demonstrate and test the key features of DRM, its efficient coverage potential and flexible on-air signal configurations.

The second phase, in Jaipur, is designed to prove the compatibility with the FM band channelisation in India, where DRM fills the gaps between existing analogue FM services that are not otherwise usable, as well as the existing shared FM transmitter infrastructure.

“We hope for good results at the end of this test where DRM has to be judged on its own merits and unmatched capabilities,” Ruxandra Obreja, the DRM Chairman, said.

“We hope that the expected good results will convince the Indian authorities that DRM is the right standard to upgrade All India Radio’s already established country-wide DRM services in the AM bands to the FM band.”

Yogendra Pal, Honorary Chairman of the DRM India Chapter, said: “This demonstration of DRM services in the FM band will be a feast of ‘firsts’ for digital radio services and features in India, including the multi-DRM transmissions on a single transmitter or the distance learning enabled by the non-proprietary, open-to-all DRM radio standard.”


26 January 2021 | EBU wins 3 Emmy Awards

The European Broadcasting Union has been awarded three Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards for excellence in engineering creativity.

The awards recognise three key technologies collaboratively developed by the EBU that have shaped or underpin systems widely used by the broadcast industry today.

The first Emmy Award honours the EBU’s role in the creation of the Advanced Authoring Format (AAF), an interchange file format that paved the way for cross-platform post-production workflows.

The award is shared with AMWA (formerly AAF Association Inc), Avid Technology and BBC Research & Development.

The second award recognises the standardisation and commercialisation of broadcast, hybrid electrical and fibre optic camera cable and connectors.

The EBU shares this award with SMPTE, The Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB), LEMO, Belden and NEMAL.

The third award rewards the work on Common Encryption, a fundamental technology design that separates the encryption function from the content contribution or distribution system and can accommodate the presence of multiple encryption or conditional access system in parallel.

The EBU shares this Award with DVB.

“These three Emmy Awards confirm our conviction that collaboration between organisations is key to successful innovation, and we will continue on this path,” EBU Director of Technology & Innovation Antonio Arcidiacono said.

EBU Technology & Innovation experts coordinate working groups and develop innovative solutions on behalf of the EBU membership represented by the EBU Technical Committee.


From 21 December 2020 across the EU: all new car radios to have digital terrestrial radio

From today, people purchasing new passenger vehicles across Europe will be able to benefit from the advantages of digital radio – greater choice, clearer audio and enhanced data services.

Article 113, Annex XI in the EECC states that “Any car radio receiver integrated in a new vehicle of category M* which is made available on the market for sale or rent in the Union from 21 December 2020 shall comprise a receiver capable of receiving and reproducing at least radio services provided via digital terrestrial radio broadcasting”.

The regulation applies to all EU member states – regardless of the status of DAB in each country.

Despite the impact of Covid-19, Germany, France, the UK, Italy and Denmark have already introduced laws mandating digital terrestrial radio in cars and other countries are expected to follow shortly.

In the first half of 2020, over 50% of new cars sold in Europe included DAB+ as standard – a number that is expected to reach 100% by the end of 2021 as DAB+ adoption continues to grow across Europe.

More information and regular updates on the EECC directive and its implementation across Europe is available on the WorldDAB EECC factsheet.

*Motor vehicles with at least four wheels designed and constructed for the carriage of passengers


11 December 2020 | Digital Radio DRM, Stronger than Ever, Looks with Confidence to 2021

In its 100th anniversary year the DRM Consortium salutes radio as the mass digital communication platform for our challenging times. To celebrate the unique and relevant place of radio in people’s lives and the progress made by Digital Radio Mondiale in this unprecedented year, we have created our first ever DRM e-book. Its aim is to give you a succinct overview of the best DRM events, activities and successes in 2020, while offering you a varied and wide digest of information, opinions and updates on DRM and digital radio.

In 2020 the value of the only global, open, all band digital audio broadcasting system, DRM, was conveyed to more people, further afield, than ever before. Old and new stakeholders and enthusiasts were the audience in the 2020 virtual conference rooms where a “show and tell” approach demonstrated DRM’s services and advantages in both AM and FM bands.

We introduced new technical development of the extra-efficient use of DRM FM and devoted a lot of attention to DRM’s capabilities to deliver multimedia and, therefore, textual information needed not only Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF) but also to facilitate distance learning. This is an area we aim to develop in 2021.

Manufacturers from China, India, Germany, South Korea, and U.K showcased dozens of receivers for AM (medium wave) but also for digital FM and in 2021. As manufacturers will receive increased orders, we expect them to bring larger volumes of affordable receivers to the market, as more countries adopt DRM.

Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Chairman, stated that “the new DRM e-book gives a complete, up-to-the minute valuable information on DRM. The DRM e-book demonstrates that this all band-standard has registered significant progress in 2020 and is poised for even bigger successes in 2021, when millions of new and old listeners will discover and rediscover the wonder of radio, of digital radio DRM.”


24 Nov 2020 |  Iwaki Masakazu wins ABU Broadcast Engineering Excellence Award

Mr Iwaki Masakazu, Senior Director of NHK Engineering System Inc, NHK-Japan, has won the ABU Broadcast Engineering Excellence Award for his promotion of AI technologies for programme production and his outstanding contributions to the ABU Technical Committee and ABU activities.

The award was announced at the online Technical Committee Meeting on 24 November.

Expressing his gratitude, Mr Iwaki told the meeting he had spent most of his career as a research engineer at the NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories (STRL).

He recalled that his first research and development project had been to develop an ice-zone microphone system to pick up the sound of ice skating. The system had been used at the Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998.

Mr Iwaki said he had recently managed the promotion of the effective use of AI technologies for programme production. The laboratories were focusing on the AI transcription system, AI announcer, AR/VR technologies for sports events and so on.

 Mr Iwaki has held a number of important posts in the ABU Technical Committee for more than a decade. These included transmission topic chairman, vice chairman and chairman.


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