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Technical Bureau

Technical Bureau

The Technical Bureau comprises 18 members representing all categories of member broadcasters in the region.  The bureau assesses activities proposed in terms of relevance to members and the industry as a whole.  It meets twice annually, once in mid-year and once in conjunction with the General Assembly. The 2020 Mid-Year meeting was held online on 28 and 29 July and the annual meeting was also held online on 23 November.  The 2021 ABU Technical Bureau Mid-Year meeting is scheduled to be held in June.

TBA 2020 | Virtual Event  23 November

The ABU Technical Bureau Annual Meeting took place as a virtual event on 23 November.

The bureau discussed current issues and challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the progress made by members. The meeting reviewed ongoing study projects and terms of reference for study topic areas.

The bureau discussed a decision to amend the ABU Technical Committee’s rules of procedure and a recommendation in support of the WBU’s cybersecurity recommendations on broadcasters’ use of cloud-based services.

TC Chairman Mr Hamid D Nayeri of IRIB-Iran presided over the meeting and ABU Secretary-General Dr Javad Mottaghi welcomed the bureau members and other delegates.

TBM 2020 – Online, 28-29 July

The ABU Technical Bureau met online on 28 and 29 July where Bureau members went through a full agenda which has been adapted to the current situation. Members provided key updates on the challenges they are facing during COVID-19.

The meeting was attended by

1. Mr Hamid Dehghan Nayeri, ABU TC Chairman, IRIB-Iran
2. Mr Sunil, ABU TC Vice-Chairman, DD-India
3. Mr Masashi Kamei, ABU TC Vice-Chairman, NHK-Japan
4. Mr Nguyen Nang Khang, ABU TC Vice-Chairman, VOV-Vietnam
5. Mr Yuen Man (on behalf of Mr Garry Kum, TVB-Hong Kong)
6. Mr Terence Yiu Shun Tatm, Phoenix TV-Hong Kong
7. Mr C B S Maurya, AIR-India
8. Mr Rahadian Gingging, RRI-Indonesia
9. Mr Kenichi Murayama, Chairman Transmission Topic Area, NHK-Japan
10. Mr Akira Negishi, NHK-Japan
11. Ms Hong,Young Kyung, KBS-Korea
12. Mr Peh Beng Yeow, Mediacorp-Singapore
13. Mr Ayman Al Zahrani, SBA-Saudi Arabia
14. Dr Tharaka Mohotty, MTV-Sri Lanka
15. Mr Lasantha Samaranayake, EAP-Sri Lanka
16. Mr Pongsarach Rachatavakin (On behalf of Mr Kachan Kannika of NBT-Thailand)
17. Mr Anusorn Srimalaikul (On behalf of Mr Kachan Kannika of NBT-Thailand)
18. Mr Sahin Demir, TRT-Turkey
19. Mr Kazim Pektas, Chairman Production Topic Area, TRT-Turkey
20. Mr Nguyen Duc Tue, VTV-Vietnam
21. Mrs Anuradha Agarwal, DD-India
22. Mr Raman Kumar, DD-India


Annual Meeting of the ABU Technical Bureau, 17 November 2019, Tokyo

The meeting was held at the NHK Headquarters in Shibuya, Tokyo, a day before the Technical Committee Meeting. Bureau members discussed issues affecting broadcasters, including the transition to digital broadcasting.  Bureau members were also taken on a tour of the NHK facilities.  The Bureau proposed two recommendations to the Committee, one on ‘Supporting the Review of the Regulation of Ku-band Broadcasting Satellites’ and the second on ‘Supporting WBU Position on EBU’s Technology Pyramid for Media Nodes’.

Mid-year Technical Bureau Meeting, 8 March 2019, Kuala Lumpur

The ABU Technical Bureau met on 8 March for its Mid-Year meeting and among other things reviewed the progress its members are making in the transition to digital broadcasting. Members also gave updates on new projects, future plans and some of the challenges they are facing.  They also reviewed the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2019, which ended on 7 March.

The meeting was chaired by its new Chairman, Mr Hamid D Nayeri of IRIB-Iran. It saw a high turnout, with bureau members present from RTPRC-China, NHK-Japan, KBS-Korea, DDI-India, RTM-Malaysia, Mediacorp-Singapore, NBT-Thailand, TRT-Turkey, EAP-Sri Lanka, MTV-Sri Lanka and VTV-Vietnam.

Among other issues, the bureau discussed a recommendation on Ku-band satellite issue related to ITU WRC-19, they agreed to setup a study project on satellite broadcasting systems and to re-structure the Training and Services Study Topic Area. It also discussed arrangements for the Technical Bureau and Technical Committee meetings alongside the ABU General Assembly in Tokyo in November 2019.

The Bureau heard progress reports from the chairmen of its study projects in the areas of production, transmission, and spectrum.

In addition, the bureau agreed on new selection criteria for ABU Technical Review Prizes, which are announced annually.


Annual Meeting of the ABU Technical Bureau, 30 September, 2018, Ashgabat

The ABU Technical Bureau met in Ashgabat on 30 September for its annual meeting.

The Bureau was able to complete a thorough follow-up on the tasks and action items from its mid-year meeting held in early May in Kuala Lumpur.

Remarkable progress was reported on the tasks that were set.  Key issues include cyber security controls and the protection of C-band satellite spectrum for broadcasters. The Bureau’s Decisions and recommendations will be put forward to the ABU Technical Committee which will meet on 1-2 October.


Mid-year Technical Bureau Meeting, 1-2 May 2018, Kuala Lumpur

The 2018 mid-year meeting of the ABU Technical Bureau was held from 1-2 May in Kuala Lumpur.

The meeting covered an extensive agenda addressing many pressing matters and brainstorming discussions on key issues.

Members raised their concern on the speed of adoption of digital technologies among some members and the digital divide that it has created within the region. The members agreed to increase the number of technical advisory and consultancy missions to address these issues. The meeting also decided to create two new study projects to look into the areas of Cyber Security for Media and the use of Big Data in Broadcasting. The new study groups will study the development in these areas to provide relevant information and guidance to members. The Bureau also amended the selection guidelines and criteria for the engineering awards and the technical review prizes to increase member participation and to make the process more transparent.

The meeting reviewed its tasks and activities carried out by ABU Technology, since its annual meeting in Chengdu last year, and discussed on areas where more work still needs to be done in terms of training and improvement of services to members. Reports were presented on the progress and updates within the study projects under production, transmission technologies, frequency spectrum and capacity building areas. These reports provided insight into the developments taking place within the industry on more than 20 study projects currently active within the Topic Areas, Forums and Groups.

Among other important discussions, the Bureau deliberated on ways to improve the Digital Broadcasting Symposium event, Technical Review magazine, Technical Advisory Services, and Webinar and online services to members. The meeting also took a review of the preparations for the annual Technical Committee meeting which will be held in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan in October this year as part of the ABU General Assembly and Associated meetings.

The mid-year meeting of the ABU Technical Bureau, chaired by the Technical Committee Chairman, Mr Masakazu Iwaki of NHK-Japan.

The meeting was also addressed by the ABU Secretary-General, Dr Javad Mottaghi, who thanked the members of the Bureau for their efforts in continuously improving the services offered to the membership on technology matters.

The meeting was attended by 18 delegates representing members of the Bureau.