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Study Topics/ Projects

Study Topics/ Projects

There are four study topic areas supervised by Topic Chairmen appointed by the Technical Committee. The Topic Chairmen automatically become members of the Bureau in an ex-officio capacity. The tasks under each Topic Area have been divided into specific projects and each project is led by a Project Manager. The Project Managers act as Rapporteurs and seek input from experts within the ABU membership and if necessary, from outside.

Topic Area Production – View full report here

Chairman | Mr Kazim Pektaz,  TRT-Turkey

Is responsible for studies related to Production and consists of the following projects:

  1. Radio & Television Archiving including Metadata for international programme exchange

Project Manager | Mr Satoshi FUJITSU, NHK-Japan

Co-Project Managers |

Mr Wang Yin, Mediacorp-Singapore

Mr Gary Kum, TVB-Hong Kong

Mr Manoj Gupta, DD-India

Mr R P Joshi, AIR-India

DDI-India, TRT-Turkey

  1. Ultra High Definition TV

Project Manager | Mr Yoshiro Takiguchi, NHK-Japan

Co-Project Managers |

Mr Byung Sun KIM, KBS-Korea

Mr Halil Us, TRT-Turkey

  1. Systems for people with special needs

Project Manager | Mr Shuichi Umeda, NHK-Japan

Co-Project Managers |

Mr Özgür Coşar, TRT-Turkey

KBS-Korea, TBS-Japan, NRTA-China, TRT-Turkey

  1. IT -based Production System and file-based workflows

Project Manager | Mr Okan Salman, TRT-Turkey

Co-Project Managers |

Mr Daeyang Kim, KBS-Korea

Mr Türkay Okan Salman, TRT-Turkey

Mr Gökhan Tikit, TRT-Turkey

Mr Nguyen Duc Tue, VTV-Vietnam

Mr Shinya Takeuchi, NHK-Japan

Mr P S Srivastava, DDI-India

Mr Pradeep Mehra, DDI-India

Mr Alireza Abedin, IRIB-Iran

CCTV/NRTA-China, TDM-Macau China, TVB-Hong Kong China


5. Big Data, Personalisation and Artificial Intelligence

Project Manager | Dr Byunghee Jung, KBS-Korea

Co-Project Managers |

Dr Jun GOTO, NHK-Japan

Dr Sansung KIM, KBS TRI-Korea

Topic Area Transmission – View full report here

Chairman | Mr Kenichi MURAYAMA, NHK-Japan

Is responsible for studies related to Transmission and consists of the following projects:

  1. Frequency Planning for Digital Broadcasting

Project Manager | Mr Kazuhiro Kumamaru, NHK-Japan

Co-Project Managers |

Mr Yuen Man, TVB-Hong Kong China

Mr Rajeev Kumar, DD-India


  1. Next Generation Terrestrial Broadcasting

Project Manager | Mr Masahiro Okano, NHK-Japan

Co-Project Managers |

LEE Jae Kwon, KBS-Korea

Mr Chen Delin, ABS/NRTA-China

Mr Halil Us, TRT-Turkey

Mr Özgür Cosar, TRT-Turkey

Mr M S Duhan, DD-India


  1. Integrated Broadcast-Broadband and OTT

Project Manager | Dr Go Ohtake, NHK-Japan

Co-Project Managers |

Mr A. K. Mangalgi, DD-India

Mr Kazuhiro Kumamaru, NHK-Japan

Mr Satoshi Fujitsu, NHK-Japan

Mr Masayoshi Onishi, NHK-Japan


4. Satellite Broadcasting

Project Manager | Mr Masashi Kamei, NHK-Japan (TBC)

Co-Project Managers |

TRT-Turkey, IRIB-Iran, DD-India

5.  Digital Sound Broadcasting Systems

Project Manager | AIR-India

Co-Project Managers |





Topic Area Capacity Building

Chairman | TBC

Is responsible for studies related to capacity building which consists of the following projects:

Topic Area Spectrum

Chairman | Dr Li Leilei, NRTA-China

Is responsible for studies related to Spectrum: